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Fashionable Designer Bangles: Glamour On The Wrists

Are you looking for the best fashionable designer bangles? We have brought down a collection of bangles that have captivated hearts for centuries!

A few of the best designer bangles are Meenakari Kundan bangles, Navarathna, stone-stacked bangles, temple bangles, and more! These bangles convey elegance and grace for both traditional and modern outfits.

Let's get down in detail!

Best Fashionable Designer Bangles : Suprimo Fashion Bangles

  1. Antique Bangles : Do you love antique-inspired bangles? If so, antique bangles have a vintage charm. Their design and polish make them look antique, old, and elegant. Yet, they consist of fine, detailed patterns, such as floral patterns with peacock or floral designs. They are a great combination due to their matt finish look.

  2. Meenakari Kundan Bangles : The Meenakari Kundan bangles stand still to glorify the rich heritage of Indian craftsmanship. The history of Meenakari comes from an ancient art introduced by Persians. These bangles are wider and consist of Kundan art, floral patterns, and pearls. Even though they are heavy, they are absolutely stunning creative works depicting India's artistic legacy.

  3. Navarathna Bangle : Navarathna includes nine precious gems: Ruby, Diamond, Pearl, Red Coral, Hessonite, Blue and Yellow Sapphire, Cat eye, and an Emerald. It depicts the rainbow of colors bringing luck, prosperity, and positive energy into your life. Whether you want to match Navarathna bangles with weddings, traditional or trendy, they preserve timeless beauty.

  4. Stone Stacked Bangle : The specialty of stone-stacked bangles is the inclusion of stones studded closely together. Hence, the stone stacking design creates a dazzling and glamorous setting. These bangles are made using Polki stones, pearls, and even gems. They are one of the best fashionable designer bangles for creating a glamorous look for any outfit.

  5. Temple Bangles : The designs of Temple bangles are inspired by ancient architecture and mythology. These bangles carry an antique finish, conveying a sense of spirituality and grace. Certain temple bangles even have the tatuettes of Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganapathi, Peacocks, and more! Thus, temple bangles are a timeless beauty and convey divine blessings.

Where Can You Purchase Fashionable Designer Bangles?

Not just fashionable designer bangles; you can purchase many types of bangles, such as Designer Lakh bangles, Metal collections, Seep or Plastic collections, or even Pital bangles in Suprimo Fashion Bangles

The Suprimo Fashion Bangles are one of the largest bangles shops in Jaipur. Whether you want to purchase onsite or online, they have all the facilities at your fingertips! Don't miss out on their exclusive collection of bangles.

Final Thoughts :

In conclusion, fashionable designer bangles play a significant role in styling outfits. Thus, you can choose from antique-inspired bangles to modern bangle designs to convey the elegance and grace of your personality.

Thus, bangles are timeless and are the best accessories for every taste and occasion. So, embrace the love of fashionable designer bangles and enhance your style today!


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