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Lac Bangles 

Buy Authentic Lac Bangles from Suprimo Fashion Bangles for Indian Brides and Newly Married Women to wear them. Every Women loves to wear Bangles from common Indian women to famous Indian Celebrities. Newly Married Women often love to wear Jaipuri Lakh Bangles Online since they are referred to as the symbol of love for their husbands. Bangles are the Symbolic prosperity of the new life of the married couples.


Best Place to Buy Lac Bangles for Women

We have wide range of Lac Bangles for Women, available in lot of colors and designs. You can style these Bangles along with traditional attire or some western wear like gowns, suits. Bollywood also glorifies bangles with the help of songs, movies and emphasizes the fact that they look very pretty with Traditional Wear like Lehengas and Sarees. Not Just Bollywood Bangles have made appearance in Hollywood also, many Hollywood models and actresses have been inspired by the Indian Bangles and have worn them at major events and ceremonies.


While Traditionally women used to Purchase Bangles from Bangles Market and they have fewer options available in the Design. So, to keep your traditional spirit in this world of technology, we have came up with Bangles Online. You can Buy various types of Lac Bangles Online from Suprimo Fashion Bangles. We have Huge variety of options and design available on Our Website.

Steps to Order Jaipuri Lakh Bangles Online

  • Select the size and design of the Jaipuri Lakh Bangles online 

  • Thereafter, click on the add to cart.

  • On the next page fill up your address details and select payment method (10 percent will be advance as these are customized bangles, rest will be cash on delivery)

  • Once you complete payment, your order will be processed and delivered in 10 to 12 days after the order.

Making time for Lac Bangles Online is up to 3 to 4 days after the order is placed. Delivery time one week after ready. You can track your order with the tracking that we will share with you during the dispatch of your product.

Supreme Quality Bangles Online

Jaipuri Lac Bangles in different Designs and colors are extremely popular all around India. All Over the World. The Lac Bangles for Women look Contemporary Yet Ethnic. These Rajasthani Lac Bangles Steal the Show with their Antique Designs Studded with Diamonds.

These Rajasthani Bangles come in the Latest Traditional Designs Complementing the Modern Taste to Suit the Personal Style Statement of Women. The Suprimo Fashion Bangles Store offers handcrafted Lac Bangles. They are considered a sign of God and are worn on all auspicious occasions & most Popular during Marriage Ceremonies.

Why Choose Our Lac Bangles for Women

  • Our Handmade Gum Lac Bangles in Jaipur for Women are made by talented and skilled artisans. The bangles are made using natural materials without including any chemicals. To achieve the required design, the gum paste material is heated over embers and manipulated. Because each bangle is made by hand, it is distinct and follows tradition.

  • These bangles are the product of a skilled craftsperson with years of experience. These bangles are made using a multigenerational production process, which guarantees the quality and preservation of ancient methods.

  • Each bangle is distinctive due to the diversity of colors and patterns available. Each bangle has a single diameter and weighs roughly 20g. These bracelets are the ideal accent piece to give any ensemble a dash of traditional Indian flavor. 

  • Supporting the makers of these bangles helps to preserve their way of life and support traditional crafts.