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私はあなたの配送ポリシーセクションの2番目の段落です。ここをクリックして独自のテキストを追加し、私を編集してください。それは簡単です。 [テキストの編集]をクリックするか、[私]をダブルクリックして、ポリシーの詳細を追加し、フォントを変更します。私はあなたが物語を語り、あなたのユーザーにあなたについてもう少し知ってもらうのに最適な場所です。



私はあなたの返品と交換の方針の2番目の段落です。ここをクリックして独自のテキストを追加し、私を編集してください。それは簡単です。 [テキストの編集]をクリックするか、[私]をダブルクリックして、ポリシーの詳細を追加し、フォントを変更します。私はあなたが物語を語り、あなたのユーザーにあなたについてもう少し知ってもらうのに最適な場所です。

My order has been shipped. Now how can I track it?

What is the estimated delivery time?

We usually dispatch most orders within 1-4 business days (excluding Sundays and public holidays)

  • Though, we keep 95% of our catalogue in our inventory, certain products need to be sourced directly from the brand itself so that we can live up to our promise of providing fresh, non-expired products.

  • While we are trying our best to avoid this situation, these products might delay your order. However, in case of international orders, product delivery may get delayed due to reasons attributable to logistics, public holidays, etc.

  • If you are ordering our products from a Mega Sale event, dispatches may be a bit delayed due to increased volumes. We will target to dispatch all orders within 5 days of order date.


How do I return an item purchased on Suprimo Fashion Bangles?


Returns on SFB are currently accepted only in the following cases:


1. You have received a damaged product

2. You have received a defective product

3. Wrong product was delivered to you

4. The product ordered was missing in the delivered shipment

Return :

So if you want to return the product please ship our product with nearest delivery Service.You have to share their details on chat box or form. with Send a proper information .

When Our Team Recevied the product They Check  Proper Information and product then they will notify you and send your product Money.

Do you provide shipping all over India?

Which locations do you ship your products?
Suprimo bangles ships throughout India so you can receive your order in any corner of the country within the confines of your home.

What are the different shipping options you provide?
We provide standard shipping as well as an express shipping option which you can choose from the checkout page while placing your order.

Are there any shipping charges?
only for fast delivery 

How are orders packaged?
We go the extra mile to make sure you receive your order in top-notch condition. Each item is wrapped in sturdy packaging so that it stays free from any physical damage. So far,Suprimo bangles have received minimal complaints about damaged items due to packaging.

Domestic Delivery

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